Peddle and Hawk - Acacia St Market, March 26th

 Registration is closed for this event
Join us as we close Acacia St for the first time in a special Easter weekend celebration of creativity, community and festive vibes. Bringing the arts industry estate to life with 'mini' market stalls selling local arts, fashion, craft, homegrown goodies, street food and gourmet treats, vintage, up-cycled and recycled items. Peddle and Hawk is a unique local market set up across art studios, galleries, and creative shopfronts in and adjacent to Acacia St in Byron Bay. ************************************************************************** Peddle & Hawk runs on the last Saturday of the month in collaboration with the CO*OP Kulcha Food Co-operative open day, and a range of other activities in participating creative spaces. **********************************************************


Due to delays with council processing our DA, the market has been postponed until Spring. Thank you for your patience and join our mailing list or Facebook page for further updates!

We are inviting local artists, entrepreneurs, creators, gardeners, and foodies to be part of a dynamic and accessible 'small stall' marketplace aimed to inspire you to get your ideas out there: 

Incubate your new creations, arts, craft, fashion and creativity; test your new product ideas and be inspired by others; forage amidst the fruits of friends gardens; upcycle your vintage treasures and taste tantalizing street treats.                                                                                  

Peddle and Hawk aims to:

* Foster our local arts and culture, and create a space for innovation and experimentation in the creative industries

* Re-create the traditional market to create an accessible place where everyone can come with the small goods from their gardens, try out their tasty treats or nurture new creative ideas

* Reduce the need for investing in start up costs of infrastructure and insurances and scale of operations required by a normal market for local entrepreneurs,. artists and growers to 'test the market'


Some important information before you register:
*pre registration is essential to secure a spot at the market
* stall holders are required to arrive between 9 and 9.45am and commit to stay at the market until 3pm. The market open hours are from 10am-3pm
* if your product does not fit into one of the categories below it will not be permitted to be sold at the market without prior negotiation. We reserve the right to ask you to remove items from your stall that do not meet our vendors policy or to refund your money if we feel your stall does not reflect our market policy
* if you do not have public liability insurance, you can pay an additional $8 per market and our insurance company will provide you with insurance for that market day. This option is not available to people with stalls that include massage, live animal sales, second hand tools or electrical goods, children's toys and play equipment.

Stalls at "Peddle and Hawk" are intended to incubate and foster a community of local creators, artists, artisans and designers, and encourage home grown and handmade produce, vintage and up cycled goods and recycling. 
If your proposed stall does not fit into one or more of the following categories, contact us to check if your proposed products fit into the market's vendor's policy. 

*locally made art, craft or fashion,

*locally produced food products, homegrown plants, fruits or vegetables, 

* vintage or repurposed, recycled or upcycled


August 1st, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Stall Fee
Stall Fee
I want to register for a mini stall A$15.00
I want public liability insurance for my stall A$8.00
I want to register for a full sized stall (3m x 3m) A$25.00
I want to register for a gypsy blanket A$10.00
Food stall regular size A$50.00
Food stall small A$30.00