:Exhibit: 52: continuous living exhibit of sonic exploration, unique instruments, threshold films, loops and liminality

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Beginning on Friday 10th of July at 7pm until Sunday July 12th 11pm :EXHIBIT: 52: is a cutting edge exploration of live art merging sound installations, live performance and an exhibition of unique hand made wooden machines into a continuous 52 hour performance. 

Hosted by the liminal caravan and featuring their 'temporal autonomous zone' bus bringing together the region's experimental sound and art practioners for diverse curation of creation.

One of the highlights is an exhibition of sound devices by Cloudbeard. Mostly constructed from landfill and the backs of peoples cupboards... with the additions of piezos, oscillators, photo resistors, diy musical movements, cello strings, ticking time slipping german clock guts, cd motors, ebow nests, glowing crystal skulls, tv lenses, ring modulators, strobing x-rays of throats, theremins and touch circuits, tarot cards and jellyfish......"

Only $20 for access to the weekend's living exhibitions. There will be meals, snacks and drinks available for purchase. The full program is available on our facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/903926412981853/ or visit liminalcaravan.

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