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Cloud 9 - HIGH FI Vol 9 - Alice Coltrane Tribute

We are back with our sell out jazz club evenings

About this Event

If there are any of you who don’t know the enigmatic, celestial wonderment of Alice Coltrane.. This is your chance to get firmly acquainted with her legacy and music.

Let me try to place it into words.

After her passing on Jan 12, 2007 at 69 years of age, she left behind her a cherished life’s work, a special stepping stone between the world of Jazz and spiritual modal music. As a Harpist and piano player her performances were transcendental, taking the audience to a beautiful tranquil place that felt like you were invited to a sonic meditation, a dreamlike realm.

Often heard playing piano with her partner in music and life, John Coltrane. Her solo work was wildly unique and carved its own legacy in a way that no other musician had sounded.

On this night we celebrate her as a composer and inspiration to the foundation of modern Jazz.

High Fi will perform a tribute to her genius, forming an ensemble to perform versions of her compositions and improvise inspirational pieces from those foundations.

Flying in from Cairns is one of Australia’s most creative Harp players; NATALIA MANN, our featured guest. She will be curating collections of Alice’s work as well as performing some of her own material.


This concert will be a beautiful gift to those who love the Coltrane era of JAZZ and fans of Alice. For all others that may be discovering her for the first time I’m delighted to invite you to Volume (cloud) 9. You will be transported.

Get tickets early as the last one sold out in a few days.

The Piano Bar will NOT be operating for this performance so you will be able to purchase BYO corkage tickets if you would like to drink Alcohol and we will provide glasses.


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